Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse: How to counsel and minister to hearts wounded by abuse

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Hope, Healing, and wholeness for Wounded Hearts and Fractured lives.

As a professional prayer minister with more than thirty years’ experience counselling others, Paula Sandford has helped hundreds of sexual abuse victims successfully deal with their fears, guilt, confusion, depression. In her personal life, she has seen beloved family members victimized by this cruel enemy of childhood and family life. She knows the pain that all the victims share, but she also knows the way to healing.


In Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse, she brings her knowledge and experience directly to you, providing hope and that there is life full of light and wholeness beyond the dark tunnel of despair and shame. With inspirational stories of tragedy to triumph and practical tools for healing, this book is an invaluable tool for those who counsel and minister to lives that have been fractured by abuse.


Sexual abuse victimizes everyone – the abused, families, loved ones and even the abuser. This book gives love, acceptance, and healing to all of the victims, leading them into new dimensions of hope, healing and wholeness.

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